Friday, August 7, 2015

student dilema

doakan kite..
semoga dipermudahkan n berjaya extend sem for the first time.
n i hope i can finish my phd on that time.
i'm tired man..

everyone asking the same questions..
hey muni, when u finished?
are finished?
are u still studying?
what level did u study? **then she/he will asking step by step.. diploma? nope. degree? nope. master? nope. oh, phd!... **haha, what a surprise.. 

for now, i did'nt write even for a single line for my thesis. muahahaha.. **scary
1 published paper, not a very good ranking..
1 pending, waiting after we make a additional info as reviewer needed.. good ranking from IEEE..
1 just submitted to lower ranking..
1 i will submit to prof tonight.
1 more, need a time to write.
then, i will continue my experiment.. *then, what time i should start to write my thesis? hahahaha...

honestly, i dont care about paper ranking.
but from my seniors view, papers help much, in malaysia, especially to write thesis n in our job later.
prof will copy n paste directly to our thesis. hahahhahaa..
so we just do literature review n some edit.. i guess.. but of course not that simple..

i want continue writing my paper. *sigh 

i'm exhausted. i want to finish early.. pls.. all the best arni!

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