Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Common researcher student problems

this is common situation as research student.
problem with ur supervisor (sv).

and my not feeling good is today.

indeed, he is a good man.
he is fine, yet.

but, i felt burden.
he put me in difficult situation.

and this is about acknowledgment.

actually, it is easy.
just put my sponsor's name in affiliate. my uitm di hatiku itu.
they give me money to pay my yuran n elaun bulanan tau.. huhuhu..
but he dropped. in purposely. he think it is small matter.
how come it small, in fact i need to meet my dean soon..
to apply the extension of sem?
what am i suppose to tell him? confirm he will ask. ayakkk!
and he did to the papers with significant results of mine. ayakkkk sekali lagik! 
two papers okeh. which is target as Q1. nooo....

n the additional annoying part is, when he can put other U,
the person and her sv that i annoyed the most in this lab! huh!
oh pls. dont tell me.. pls be good to everyone.
i can forgive. but seems it hard to forget.

and other things. still about acknowledge.
he drop my best teacher of senior. pls add only one more name...

u know what.
when u got a very new kind of results. with no one ever published it.
u had almost nothing as references.
people keep telling u, this is not a results!
only a few papers that i can relate to explain the ideas.
and that senior.
study with me. teach me to write properly.
check my grammar, as well, of course! heh. 
even though she is busy as lecturer.
i felt embarrassed and guilty.

actually. if people do understand this.
what it's all about.. it means..
I appreciate U. I thank U.
and yes, this is very important to me.

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